Choosing Underwear

There is no consistent sizing benchmark for every brand and model.

We measure each underwear model based on the different sizing options and the estimated measurements are provided in every product listing.

Step 1: Match against Listing's Measurements
  • Measure the waistband of your current underwear and match against the listing's measurements. This is usually accurate for most people.

Step 2: Model Design

  • Park up / down: some designs are meant to park your member in either up or down position only, while some designs are versatile
  • Size of pouch: whether sufficient space to contain your member
  • Leg opening: whether enough space/elasticity for thigh

Step 3: Elasticity

  • Waistband elasticity cannot be listed for guidance

Step 4: Material

  • Certain designs are meant for short term usage, while some design and/or material may last for a long time with regular washing

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